The Jeannie Bornemann Foundation


Phone: 727-741-2796
Fax: 727-954-3111

Barbara Bornemann, Director
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How can you help?


     This thrift shop, run by volunteers provides much of the funds we use to help our special kids.  If you have items that you would like to donate, please contact us; we will even pick them up!!

    We also need volunteers to help price items, organize the shop and/or be there on our sale days. 

Our shop is located at:
        1980 Calumet St. Clearwater FL 33765.

​   Annually, we hold an event to showcase and celebrate our students successes.  It is a fun filled evening with lots of food, prizes and surprises.  We always need auction items, volunteers, and entertainers. If you would like to help with this fabulous event or in any way, please contact us at 727-741-2798.


​Other ways you can help.......

*   Host a fundraiser for us.


*  Write grants for us.

*   Assist your company or club in adopting us as your charity of choice.


*  Organize an event at your favorite restaurant to raise money on a designated day

of the month.

*  Help us find children to serve.

*  Help us find adults to share their talents with our special kids.

*  Volunteer at our monthly sales.

*  Join with us, of you are already a non-profit and have a combined Fundraiser, bringing together our talents and volunteers.

*  Anything else you may think would be a FUN Fundraiser!!