"The Jeannie Bornemann Foundation" has been established in memory of our dear daughter, Jeannie.  Through the Foundation, it is our hope to open the world of music, dance, drama and the arts by providing scholarships to a very special group of children that face the many challenges associated with living with life threatening diseases or physical disabilities, as Jeannie did.

        Experiencing the Arts brought joy to Jeannie and everyone around her.  She wasn't going to be a great athlete or a wiz in math, but she could feel great about herself through the Arts.  The Arts empowered her life.  Jeannie lived a longer life and a fuller life because of the song she always carried in her heart.  Those who knew her were certainly blessed by her sweet  heart felt spirit. 

       We hope through your generous contributions, kids, just like Jeannie will experience the Arts firsthand.  We believe the world of music, dance,drama and art are fundamental to all children, but especially to this wonderful group of kids.  Will you please help us..........


Jeannie Bornemann

Jeannie Borneman